Born on 16 January 1946
Spent his childhood in Tavannes, Crans-Montana and Bienne
Has lived in Bienne since 1960
Studied music at the Bienne School of Music (obtained his violin Diploma in 1969); from 1969 to 1973 studied at the Lausanne School of Music under Arpad Gerecz (violin and orchestra conducting)
Leads a career as a painter, choir master and music teacher
Self-taught painter

1966 Galerie des Ages Evilard
1967 Galerie Manoir La Chaux-de-Fonds
1968 Galerie Socrate Bienne
1973 Galerie an der Schulgasse Lyss (avec E.L. Ganz et R. Greder)
1980 Cave du Ring Bienne, Société des Beaux-Arts Bienne (avec R. Steiner)
1983 Galerie Cénacle Delémont
1985 Ancienne Couronne Bienne (avec M. Paoluzzo)
1989 Ancienne Couronne Bienne
1992 Ancienne Couronne Bienne
1993 Musée Jurassien des Beaux-Arts Moutier
1997 Ancienne Couronne Bienne
2003 CIP Tramelan
2005 Aarbergerhus Ligerz
2006 Ancienne Couronne Bienne
2012 Galerie Arcane Corcelles

JOINT EXHIBITIONS (selected works)
Since 1970, has participated in Christmas exhibitions presented by the Bienne Society of Fine Arts
Since 1972 has participated in joint exhibitions presented by the Société Jurassienne d'Emulation
1980 Bourse Fédérale des Beaux-Arts Exhibition, Lugano
1981 National Exhibition of the SPSAS [Swiss Society of Painters, Sculptors and Architects], Delémont (One Work One Artist - One Artist One Work)
1990 Exhibition for the centenary of the Bienne Society of Fine Arts, PasquART Centre, Bienne
2000 "Au centre, l'artiste" [At the Centre, the Artist], PasquART Centre, Bienne
2004 Biennale Visarte Jura Délemont
2006 Biennale Visarte Jura Délemont
2008 Biennale Visarte Jura Délemont

1980 Town of Bienne, Encouragement Award for young artists
1985 Ernst Anderfuhren Foundation Award, Bienne
1990 Project support from the Town of Bienne

Pierre von Gunten - Paintings 1977-1980
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Catalogue of the National Exhibition of the SPSAS in Delémont, in 1981
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Biennimago, a book on Bienne's art collection. Ed. Commission municipale des Beaux-Arts de Bienne, 1986
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Corps dévoilés [Bodies Unveiled], produced by J.-L. Roy, TV Suisse Romande, March 1993, shown on the programme VIVA

Several works have been acquired by:
- The Town of Bienne
- The Canton of Bern
- The Jura Museum of Fine Arts, Moutier
- Private collectors in Switzerland, France and Spain